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I am Shawn Park, a 24-year old Product Designer passionate about design, entrepreneurship, and education.
Born In
Ulsan, South Korea
Computer Science at UC Berkeley
Working As
Lead Designer at Instant eSports
Let's Grab a Tea!
I'm Down

...also known as Si Hyun

My Korean name is Si Hyun. I was born in Ulsan, Korea, and moved to Houston, TX when I was 11. I then went back to Korea for high school when I was in 15 - lots of moving back and forth. I am fluent in both Korean and English, but I always have this 2-week phase of switching from a Korean mode to an English mode whenever I go back to Korea for summer. Not so bilingual life. I consider myself more of an American than a Korean, but you can tell that I am so Korean whenever you see me listening to K-pop, getting my hair permed, or watching League of Legends.

I try to travel to at least one new country each year.

The best thing that inspires me is new experiences and moments from places I travel. From mesmerizing architecture of the Duomo in Florence to the surreal sunset on top of Mt. Haleakala 10,000 ft above sea level, traveling to new places gives me motivation, humility, and inspiration. Most recently, I was in Prague & Vienna this January, and for my next international destination I'm planning Thailand, New Zealand, or Iceland.

Places I've been to
Top 10 countries to visit
United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
New Zeland

Here are some of my work (and life) jams...

Ever since I got my first-gen iPod Shuffle when I was 11, music has been a part of my life. Each song I have in my iTunes library is connected to a specific moment in my life, like The Fray's How to Save a Life to my middle school times in Houston. As times change, my taste in music has changed drastically - I once hated EDM thinking it sounds like 56M modem. Now EDM is my go-to work jam, and of course, K-pop.

Here's me in a nutshell

I was born in
May 25, 1992
My birthday this year happens to be the same as Buddha's Birthday
I can speak
Let's just say my Russian is "elementary" level
I started design when I was
10 yrs old
I still have a notebook with my "Windows 2001" concept design
My rank on League is
Gold V
I swear if I had better teammate I would've been in Plat
I also lived in
Houston, TX
I loved Houston... except for that inferno in the summer
Apple devices I own
15" MBP (2014)
15" MBP (2012)
13" MBP (2015)
iPad Pro
iPhone 6S
Apple Watch
Can't wait for the iPhone 6S...
My favorite soccer team is
I think Messi is a better player than Ronaldo.
My favorite drink is
Gin & Tonic
Also a fan of Heineken, Blue Moon, and Heifer Weizen. Not a big fan of dark beer.
My favorite K-pop star is
My idol forever <3
I am inspired by
I start my day by browsing 24 pages of Dribbble
NDA :(
Unfortunately, I can't share my work at Box because the projects aren't released yet. Will let you know when they launch - I promise it's awesome ;) You can also drop a line and we can chat more about my experience at Box.
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