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Fastest way to collaborate on design prototyping projects
I worked on Whiteboard as a side project to make design prototyping more social and faster. Just like you would create quick code snippets on JSFiddle, Whiteboard lets you create hi-fi prototypes in a few minutes and share with your teammates.
UI/UX Design, Product Strategy
Dec 2015 - Feb 2016

Making design prototyping more social and faster than ever

I am a big fan of JSFiddle - I use it whenever I want to test out a quick HTML/CSS hack or to illustrate a point to a co-worker. What's interesting is that these use cases for JSFiddle is also valid for design. We designers often make a quick doodle on Sketch or Photoshop and share it with co-workers to get feedback. However, the workflow for designers when we collaborate on these prototyping projects is a bit more complicated. We would make the mockup on our software of choice, save, then share the comps via Dropbox, Slack, or heck, clunky old email.

With Whiteboard, we set out to create a true "whiteboarding" experience, just like what JSFiddle does for web developers. Simply open Whiteboard on Chrome, make a quick prototype, grab a share link and send it to your co-worker. You don't need to install anything nor create an account. It's the fastest way to collaborate on your design prototyping projects.

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Unfortunately, I can't share my work at Box because the projects aren't released yet. Will let you know when they launch - I promise it's awesome ;) You can also drop a line and we can chat more about my experience at Box.
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