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Instant, Painless Solar Panel Shade Analysis
Sunlytics is an iOS app that generates industry-grade shade reports for solar installers in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Sunlytics makes shade analysis effortless on a mobile phone, unlike the clunky old device that installers need to carry around today. I worked with Sunlytics to create a design language that changes the impression of solar software, similar to how Stripe’s brand changed how developers think about handling payments.
UI Design & Branding
Apr 2016

Cutting down the time from weeks to seconds

Traditional solar shade analytics tools usually take weeks to generate a report and cost $3,000 to $4,000. With Sunlytics, you simply clip a fisheye camera lens that only cost $15 and you get your report instantly. The goal of the design is to make the process of taking photos for solar shade analysis much faster and simpler than before. At each step of the process, the app gives the user clear directions required to complete the step. When the user finishes taking photos, the user gets the solar shade analysis report instantly. The streamlined process is combined with a delightful, welcoming branding and first-time user experience. Installing solar panels used to be daunting, but with Sunlytics it becomes a much more painless, effortless experience.

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Unfortunately, I can't share my work at Box because the projects aren't released yet. Will let you know when they launch - I promise it's awesome ;) You can also drop a line and we can chat more about my experience at Box.
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