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I lead product strategy and design at Instant eSports (YC S15) - ESPN for eSports that help fans stay in touch with everything eSports. I am in charge of creating a coherent, consistent, and timeless set of design language to craft a best user experience for not just eSports, but for the broader gaming and sports industry.
Gaming, Sports
UI/UX Design, Front-end Web Development
Nov 2015 - Current

Designing the ESPN for eSports

In short, Instant Esports (YC S15) is an ESPN for eSports: it keeps you up to date with comprehensive, in-depth coverage of tournaments and industry news on eSports.

I started working on the initial design of Instant Esports December 2014 with the founders Rick Ling, Jonathan Lin, and Sebastian Merz, who are close friends of mine from college. I joined Instant eSports full-time as a Lead Designer November 2015, and launched a major redesign January 2016. We created a new design language that conveys the emotion behind eSports. We also introduced two new features that help users fulfill their curiosity for eSports and discuss what's going on in eSports with other fans.

Today, Instant Esports is one of the fastest growing eSports app in the United States.

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Unfortunately, I can't share my work at Box because the projects aren't released yet. Will let you know when they launch - I promise it's awesome ;) You can also drop a line and we can chat more about my experience at Box.
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