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Grade paper assignments online in half the time
Gradescope is a startup started from UC Berkeley that streamlines the tedious parts of grading paper exams by having instructors upload scans of the assignments and grade them online. It now serves more than 1000 classes in more than 50 schools including Harvard, MIT, and UC Berkeley.
Education, Productivity
UI Design & UX Research
Jan - May 2015

Building a user experience around habits

I had the pleasure of working with the founders Sergey and Arjun on the redesign of their entire application. At that time, Gradescope was a robust app with a lot of features, but lacked the organization and consistency across their interface. For a productivity application like Gradescope, it is essential that you build a consistent interface that allows users to build habit around the app. I worked with the Gradescope team from December 2014 to April 2015 to create a consistent interface that users can build their workflow around.

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Unfortunately, I can't share my work at Box because the projects aren't released yet. Will let you know when they launch - I promise it's awesome ;) You can also drop a line and we can chat more about my experience at Box.
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